1. Home Roofline Plan

This plan consists of lighting the entire front facing roofline of your home.  We use only the highest quality LED lights and fasten them to your home with non-damaging clips. 


We NEVER use nails, screws or anything that could damage your home.  We can usually provide a quick and FREE estimate for this plan by viewing an image of your home using Google maps. 

From this image we are then able to accurately calculate the linear footage of your front fascia (roof line) and give you a reasonable estimate. If your home is not available on Google maps we can set up a quick appointment to determine your roofline linear footage.

2. Tree Wrapping Plan

For this option we offer 2 wrap designs:

• The Holiday Design Wrap is best suited for evergreen trees (I.e. pines, spruced, firs, etc). It includes a circular, spiral wrap around the branches of the tree.  

• The Trunk & Branch Wrap Design is best suited for deciduous trees (I.e. trees that lose their leaves). It includes a brightly lit trunk wrap and major branch wrap.  For this plan we can set up a quick appointment at a convenient time for you.

3. Custom Design Plan

This plan allows you the most unique and special holiday lighting display.  We work with you to design nothing short of a holiday miracle right in your front yard.

We can offer creative ideas combining tree wraps, fence wraps and other various lit decor such as: bush & shrubbery net lighting, garland, wreaths, bows & laser lights in combination with your existing home lights.

Note: Prices for all packages starting at $7 a linear foot.